Develop crossplatform mobile application and published process on most important app stores.

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We provide support in each of the stages of development of your mobile application, including UI / UX and design according to your branding. Native development or crossplatform according to the need of your project.

Why mobile app development?

  • More Users.

    Mobile devices generate over 50% of all web traffic worldwide and up to 80% in some of the countries. Mobile-first trend is only getting started.

  • Higher Engagement.

    Mobile users spend about 90% of their time in-app and only 10% on websites. App guarantees better retention.

  • Bigger Market.

    Mobile app revenues already exceeded 100 billion USD yearly - this includes in-app purchases and advertising. Products bought via smartphone are worth 10% of all retail revenue in the US!

  • Direct Marketing Channel.

    Mobile app features, such as push notifications, let you speak to your customers directly whenever you want, and personalized coupons or discounts offered in-app build loyalty to the product.

What else besides Smartphones?

  • Apps for kiosks.
  • Apps for Apple TV and Android TV.
  • Apps for Android Smart Watch and Apple Watch.

Need to migrate from web to mobile?

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